Carol Younghusband


Carol Younghusband

Carol is a published playwright, commissioned screenwriter, and TV comedy writer with an MA in Screenwriting (TV and Film) and experience in all forms of writing.

She has enjoyed considerable success as a writer (and occasional) producer in many mediums including film, theatre, and television.

Her work, which has been seen by millions across the world, includes broken comedy, narrative comedy, drama, film, and children’s theatre.

Creative writing credits include ...


Night Armour - a short film comedy starring Elizabeth Berrington and Dan Fredenburgh and directed by Carolina Giammetta.

Ten Glorious Seconds - a short film drama featuring David Suchet and directed by BBC's Simon PItts.

Smile - a short film thriller starring Deborah Cornelius and Joe Tucker.

The Touch - this script was selected for funding at the Berlinale 2014. It was produced in 2015 starring Claudius Peters and Rachael Holloway. 

What happened to Evie - won UK Film Festival Best Short Script. Also won Best Short Screenplay at the Care Awards 2017. Is being produced in August 2017 with Bafta Award winning Director Kate Cheeseman.

Smack the Pony - two Emmy award winning TV shows featuring Fiona Allen, Doon Mackichan, Sally Phillips and Sarah Alexander.

Jump the Gun - a sketch show, created by Carol and developed with Avalon Productions.

Sisters under the Skin - a one-woman comedy monologue performed in venues across the South, and featured in Lincoln Comedy Festival.

Only a Game - a children's play published by Samuel French in London, New York and Toronto. It has been performed in hundreds of venues across the world. 

Paddy's Wake - a dark comedy produced by the Union Theatre, London.

Het is maar een spel -  a children's play published by Uitgeverij Vink, IBVA Holland.  It has been performed in translation many times throughout the Netherlands. 

Black Balls and Pink Marbles - a broad comedy showcased by Hammersmith Theatre, London.

Last Night Party - produced by Bench Theatre, 

Escape the Forever Path - showcased by Proteus Theatre Company, Basingstoke.

My Sister was a Straight - commissioned as a one woman show for Edinburgh Festival.

Tatterjak and the Wotsit Box - commissioned by Scat Theatre Company for its tour of schools across the south of England.
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Night Armour


The Touch

Ten Glorious Seconds